Professor Lucio Pegoraro is a central figure of Cuba CON-PARA

Lucio Pegoraro is one of the protagonists of the First International Congress of Comparative and Constitutional Law "Cuba-CON-PARA". From the Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali of the Università di Bologna, Pegoraro has been a professor of generations of European comparatists and has exerted a marked influence on the formation of a network of young comparatists in Latin America. 

He defends the thesis that ideologies and hegemonic thought cannot control the method-science of comparative law, which does not tolerate that cultural bias and pre-comprehensions could influence the methodological framework of legal comparison. 

Below is a reflection on the transcendence and challenges of legal comparison, leitmotiv of Cuba CON-PARA.

"Among constitutionalists there is still confusion between studying foreign law and comparative studies, which are different things. Many publications and doctoral theses ignore the instrumental link between a study of domestic (or "national") law and comparison: with the same methodological instruments, some use comparison to study their own law, others compare their system with other systems, others limit themselves to parallel research between two or more rights, as if these operations were conceptually the same.

Many legal problems are often omitted or ignored. For example, there are often problems with translation, classification, and with selecting the determining elements or the legal formants on which to base the research, the creation of a "tertium comparationis", the construction of models, etc."

Derecho constitucional comparado. La ciencia y el método. 
Lucio Pegoraro y Angelo Rinella, 2016