Who can I get registered? All those with interest in the Congress can register physically or online. The only requirement is to match as any of the targets for the registration fees.
Which are the registration fees? In our webpage you can find a section under the name “How to participate?”. There you can click on “See registration fees”, where a complete list with as much information as needed is provided (amounts, type of participants, form of participation, origin).
How should I proceed for the payment of my registration fee? In the section “How to participate?” of our webpage you can find two options, one of them is meant for in-person participation and the other one for virtual (online) participation. This online option only includes the possibility to follow the sessions of the Congress via Streaming and gives access to the certificate of participation. Through both options you can have access to due registration forms. Once the paperwork is submitted, the secretary of the Congress would get in contact with you through the e-mail you to give you instructions about the payment and the final steps of the registration.
What benefits do I get with the payment of my registration fee? The payment of the registration fee for the in-person participation includes the merchandise for welcome accreditation, lunches and coffee break during sessions in the Congress and the certificate of participation. Meanwhile, for the online fees, it includes exclusively the certificate of participation.
Is there a date where the amounts for registration fees may vary? Not expected.
Which are the payment modalities for national participants? National participants can proceed with the payment in cash or through a banc transference to the account of the University Foundation for Innovation and Development of the University of Havana. Once you fill in the registration forms, the secretary of the “Cuba CON-PARA” will get in contact with you via e-mail in order to facilitate all the details about the Foundation`s account for you to pay your fees.
Why can´t I participate as an author via online? We are sorry to inform that the main reason behind this decision is the low number of participants interested in this option in comparison with the total amount of presentations expected for the working sessions.
How can I make a hotel reservation? Foreign participants can make their reservation through https://www.milestonetouroperator.com/FAQ_congreso_2023 . National participants can ask for their reservation at the e-mail secretaria@cubaconpara.com with the topic “Hotel reservation for Congress Cuba CON-PARA 2023”.
How can I get information about which hotel should I chose? The National Hotel of Cuba is going to be our headquarters during Congress and it has released a preference offer for participants. The options of the rest of hotels and rent houses nearby and associated to the Congress can be consulted at: https://www.milestonetouroperator.com/FAQ_congreso_2023.
How can I get a personalized housing package according to my needs? Yes, you can personalize your housing package to you comfort expectations and company, you can manage it directly at the hotel reservation desk or your house keeper.
Would I get any discount as an accompaniment? There are no discounts intended for accompaniment.
Would I get any written confirmation of reservation and/or registration? For all participants and in any participation modality, you will receive an invoice from the receiver of the payment.
Can I arrive to the Congress after the opening ceremony? You can get late just by one day after the inauguration. You should warn the secretary about this situation via e-mail: secretaria@cubaconpara.com
How can we find options for organized trips around the island? Touristic agencies we are working with has prepared some special packages for the days before and after the Congress in which participants and accompanies can make reservations. Ecotur is one of them. Please visit https://www.milestonetouroperator.com/FAQ_congreso_2023 for more information. During the days of the Congress, we would have at the headquarters of the Congress an information desk with as much information from Ecotur as possible.
What other activities would we have during the Congress? The Congress will have as main parallel activities a visit to the building of the National Assembly of the Popular Power, at the Capitol of Havana on the 4th of April; a visit to the building of the Popular Supreme Court on the 7th of April during the afternoon. Furthermore, we are including in the program book presentations in the building of the Conference or nearby. All the activities could be susceptible of change during the days of the Congress and conformation of the program.
In case of co-authors for a presentation, how should we send the data and proceed with payment? Each participant should fill in the forms individually, despite their characteristic as co-author, in this same line each co-author will pay individually according to their condition.

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